Listed below is a table of all current Senators in Michigan. To find out which district you’re in, click here to view Michigan’s Senators District Map.

Alternately, you can send your Senator a letter at the following address:
Attn: Senator’s Name
Michigan Senate
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909

Website District Name Party Phone Email
001 Stephanie Chang D 517-373-7346
002 Adam Hollier D 517-373-7748
003 Sylvia Santana D 517-373-0990
004 Marshall Bullock D 517-373-7918
005 Betty Jean Alexander D 517-373-0994
006 Erika Geiss D 517-373-7800
007 Dayna Polehanki D 517-373-7350
008 Vacant
009 Paul Wojno D 517-373-8360
010 Michael MacDonald R 517-373-7315
011 Jeremy Moss D 517-373-7888
012 Rosemary Bayer D 517-373-2417
013 Mallory McMorrow D 517-373-2523
014 Ruth Johnson R 517-373-1636
015 Jim Runestad R 517-373-1758
Link 016 Mike Shirkey R 517-373-5932
Link 017 Dale Zorn R 517-373-3543
018 Jeff Irwin D 517-373-2406
019 Dr. John Bizon R 517-373-2426
020 Sean McCann D 517-373-5100
021 Kim LaSata R 517-373-6960
022 Lana Theis R 517-373-2420
Link 023 Curtis Hertel Jr. D 517-373-1734
024 Tom Barrett R 517-373-3447
025 Dan Lauwers R 517-373-7708
026 Aric Nesbitt R 517-373-0793
027 Jim Ananich D 517-373-0142
028 Vacant
029 Winnie Brinks D 517-373-1801
030 Roger Victory R 517-373-6920
031 Kevin Daley R 517-373-1777
Link 032 Ken Horn R 517-373-1760
033 Rick Outman R 517-373-3760
034 Jon Bumstead R 517-373-1635
035 Curt VanderWall R 517-373-1725
Link 036 Jim Stamas R 517-373-7946
Link 037 Wayne A. Schmidt R 517-373-2413
038 Ed McBroom R 517-373-7840

One response to “Michigan Senators

Posted by Mary Can’t

Science is showing that this pandemic might never end. There is but one way out

I Am A Research Virologist coming forward with not new nor unknown information,
Nothing that any Virologist doesn’t already know and that has already been published in
Science Journals for decades.

My background is in Vaccinology, I was referred by WHO to make a vaccine for Dengue Fever.

There is a way to end the Pandemic, but first I need to lay out some science. 60-
70% of your defense are Neutrophils which are the first to arrive at an infection.
They make hydrogen peroxide in your lungs, gut, and thyroid called Oxidative Burst.
This action can be measured by a lab as an assay. You may be able to look this up on Google, or call a lab. When they attack with Oxidative Burst they Oxidize the Virus.

When you Oxidize a virus…It Reverse Mutates ( in Journals). This means that first it becomes more contagious but the Symptoms become milder (Omicron), then people start to not become infected from other people, then humans stop becoming infected, then the virus reverse mutates through the animals it came from until it
Goes back to the animal where it began….and it stays there.

This Is Why Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, MERS all disappeared (The Longest of these lasted MONTHS Not YEARS)
This is the REAL
Meaning of Herd Immunity. Enough people have recovered from Covid to Oxidize the virus and any Variants. No one who has had Covid should ever wear a Mask. They
Should go out in public as much as possible! After they are well of course. They truly are
Walking air purifiers….oxidizing the virus for everyone else, who in catching the milder reverse mutation can then oxidize it ….etc. The Virus just disappears.

A T Cell stimulant vaccine ( as they all are for Covid) actually encourages more
Variants to form. ( this is in Journals). The T cell response actually prevents the
Neutrophils response… Oxidative Burst. Even a Covid survivor will not be
Able to oxidize the virus after vaccines. They should NOT be given Covid
vaccines!!! You will BLOCK them from stopping the pandemic.

Do you want simple proof? Look out at the people swarming Ottawa. No masks,
Close contact, lots of hugs, -25 degrees, not much sleep with the honking, how
Is their nutrition? Their Vit D ? Zinc? Selenium? Doubtful. Yet…..they are so healthy?
No 1000’s to ER or hospital……in fact in videos I haven’t heard a single cough and it is well past day 5. Oxidative Burst at it’s Finest! Proof that the unvaccinated are protecting the vaccinated!

Please research this for yourself for your people.
I am in danger telling you this…..but you must know the truth to make the right

Posted on February 12, 2022 at 4:26 PM

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