Trump Rally Included Accolades For POAM

On February 17, 2024, I had the privilege of attending a rally in Oakland County, hosted by former President Donald J. Trump, thanks to my role within the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM). This position has afforded me the opportunity to meet numerous U.S. presidents, dating back to George H.W. Bush.

POAM prides itself on its non-partisan stance, emphasizing the importance of engaging with political figures from both major parties in both Lansing and Washington, D.C. Our law enforcement organization is committed to supporting our members’ initiatives to positively influence their communities, including local boards, city governments, and even school boards, to create better environments for living and working. In an age marked by divided governments, it’s crucial for us to back candidates who reciprocate our support, consistently, not just during election periods.

POAM’s History with President trump

In the past, POAM endorsed Mr. Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections, alongside various other candidates in Senate, Congressional, and gubernatorial races. Our influence is significant across Michigan, and our endorsement is sought after by many. During the rally, Mr. Trump ensured that four of us received expedited access and reserved seating. He also arranged time for a photo opportunity for a private discussion concerning mutual concerns facing law enforcement across the nation, and specifically in Michigan.

Mr. Trump publicly recognized POAM on national television and committed to supporting local police (“they are the ones who solve crimes”) and assured everyone that we get the immunity we need so that we can do our jobs safely and with assurance that we will be protected from frivolous criminal and civil charges while doing our job. Later in his address, he again recognized that attracting and retaining top talent in law enforcement necessitates the reinstatement of certain benefits and the respect traditionally associated with the uniform. Trump concluded and assured everyone that he would indemnify police so they could do their necessary job: protecting the public.

In addition to the memorable interaction with former President Donald J. Trump, I had the opportunity to engage with several distinguished political figures. Among them were former United States Representative and current Michigan Senate candidate, Mike Rogers; United States Representative and retired United States Marine Corps General Jack Bergman; and Congresswoman Lisa McClain. These meetings provided insightful discussions on various issues pertinent to law enforcement and public service. Each of these leaders expressed their commitment to supporting law enforcement, enhancing community safety, and fostering an environment where public servants can effectively contribute to their communities. These engagements underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement and elected officials to address the challenges facing our communities today.

My encounter with former President Donald J. Trump at the Oakland County rally not only underscores the significance of the Police Officers Association of Michigan’s (POAM) non-partisan approach to political engagement but also highlights the continued, critical support needed for law enforcement. Mr. Trump’s commitment to recognizing and addressing the needs of our police officers reflects a shared understanding of the challenges faced by those in the line of duty. The event served as a platform for reinforcing the necessity of protections and benefits for law enforcement personnel, aiming to restore the honor and respect that the uniform commands. This engagement emphasizes the ongoing dialogue between political leaders and law enforcement organizations, underlining the importance of mutual support and collaboration in fostering safer communities and ensuring the well-being of those who serve them.

~James Tignanelli
President, POAM


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