Thank you, Lynn Singer

POAM wishes Lynn Singer, our beloved Controller, a well-deserved congratulations and happy retirement.

Retirement marks not just an end but also a beautiful beginning. On Friday, January 12th, we celebrated a significant milestone for a cherished member of our team, Lynn Singer, who is embarking on her well-deserved retirement journey. As our steadfast Controller of 38 years, Lynn’s dedication and hard work over the years have been a cornerstone of our union’s success. Her unwavering commitment and infectious enthusiasm have left a lasting mark on all of us.

Lynn’s journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable. Beyond her professional contributions, camaraderie and ever-ready helping hand have fostered a warm and inclusive workplace culture.

As Lynn transitions into this new phase of life, we’re not just losing a colleague but gaining an inspiring example of a career well-lived. Retirement doesn’t mean the end of her impact or our relationship. We look forward to staying connected and hearing about her new adventures, whether traveling, pursuing hobbies, or spending cherished moments with family and friends.

Thank you, Lynn, for your years of service, laughter, and leadership. Your legacy will continue to inspire us. Here’s to new beginnings and a retirement filled with joy, health, and endless possibilities!

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