POAM Funding Request Included in 2023 Fiscal Year Budget

On July 1, the Michigan legislature passed a $76 billion state budget for the upcoming fiscal year, beginning on October 1. POAM worked closely with legislative leaders and the Governor’s office throughout the budget negotiations on several key funding requests for law enforcement. 

The budget includes $750 million for Local Unit Municipal Pension Principal Payment Grants. This money will go to municipal pension plans funded below 60% to increase their funding levels to a minimum of 60%. Promises made by local communities must be kept. With this state-level investment in these pension plans passed, it will ensure those promises are kept. 

POAM continues to work on several other funding priorities:

  • Officer reimbursement for forced time off because of a COVID-19 exposure at work.
  • Officer retention bonuses.
  • Officer recruitment bonuses.
  • Grant program for local departments to provide department issues cell phones, so officers are not forced to use their personal phones.

While we were disappointed these items were not included in the most recently passed 2023 Fiscal Year Budget, there remains $7 billion of unspent money. The legislature and Governor may spend this money before the end of 2023 as it could be used to address several of our other funding priorities. POAM will continue our advocacy efforts at the State Capitol and fight for the priorities of our members.

For More Information

POAM will continue to share related legislative information on our online platforms, including our website, social media – Facebook and Twitter – and the mobile app.

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