POAM Secures Significant Legislative Victory; Governor’s Task Force Recommendations Adopted

Via Kenneth E. Grabowski, POAM Legislative Director

After several weeks of discussion and negotiations, the House and Senate amended legislation impacting pension and health care benefits to reflect the Governor’s task force recommendations last night. We thank the leadership of the House and Senate and Governor Snyder for addressing our concerns and passing legislation POAM and the coalition of police and fire organizations supports. 

This legislation passed the Senate 36-0 and passed the House 105-5. Your POAM legislative team will continue to monitor action, as the final draft of legislation will not be completed until next week, but we are confident our concerns have been addressed. 

The impact of bills are required reporting of pension and OPEB liabilities. If a communities pension is under 60% funded or OPEB is under 40% funded, a plan will have to be developed to properly fund these areas. There are no mandates. 

All bills will be posted when finalized.

This is a significant legislative victory for POAM and our members. Thank you for your engagement and for contacting your legislators over the past several weeks. This would not have been possible you. 

We have attached bill substitutes for your review below.

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