POAM Staff Meets with Governor Whitmer

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Governor Gretchen Whitmer invited representatives from POAM to discuss issues facing law enforcement. Members who attended this meeting, from left to right:

  • Kenneth E Grabowski, POAM Legislative Director
  • Eric Ronewicz, Business Agent & President, Ann Arbor POA/POAM
  • Dave LaMontaine, Business Agent & Monroe County DSA/POAM
  • Tracey Marion, Washtenaw County DSA
  • Kevin Loftis, Oak Park PSOA/POAM
  • Amanda Hall, Livonia POA Dispatch
  • Anthony Hall, President, Livonia Poa/POAM

The Governor and her staff took the time to listen to a long list of concerns by law enforcement, and problems all employees of law enforcement are facing.

We thank her for the time and willingness to listen to our concerns and ways that the law enforcement profession can be supported.

POAM Business Agents & Staff meet with Michigan Gov. Whitmer
POAM Legislative meeting with Gov. Whitmer

Read about Governor Whitmer’s fourth executive budget recommendation plan that recommends additional support for reducing crime, and increasing community funds to help hire local cops, firefighters, EMS, and other first responders. This budget recommendation plan is a step in the direction of addressing concerns that law enforcement is facing.

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