On June 10th, Congressman Gary Peters recognized the five officers, Nicholas Smiscik, Mathew Swope and Michael Jacobi, Andrea Carlson and Lindsay Witthuhn, who were presented with the 2014 Michigan Police Officers of the Year award for their heroic actions, bravery and discipline.

“Mr. Speaker, as a long-time friend, supporter and ally of the Michigan law enforcement community, I am proud to recognize the commitment of Michigan’s police officers and the sacrifices they and their families make each and every day. Like Officer Smiscik, they will say they are just doing their job, but their dedication and bravery in the line of duty make our communities safe and enjoyable places to live. It is a great honor to represent these heroic men and women and invite my colleagues in the House to join me in congratulating all five Michigan officers on receiving this award.”

The following week on June 17th, Congressman Benishek included an entry honoring the two officers from his Congressional District- Deputy Michael Jacobi and Deputy Matthew Swope who have been honored two years in a row for their dedication to law enforcement and actions of great bravery.

“I wish to commend Deputy Jacobi and Deputy Swope for their heroism and well deserved honor of earning the Police Officers of the Year Award, the second time they have been honored by the Police Officers Association of Michigan for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Please view the complete entries here: Congressional Record- Extensions of Remarks June 10th 2014 & Congressional Record- Extensions of Remarks June 17th 2014

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