House Commerce and Tourism Committee Takes Testimony from POAM
on adding Corrections Officers to PA 312

On the morning of Tuesday, May 25, 2021, POAM Legislative Director Kenneth E. Grabowski joined Clinton County Corrections Officer Alexis Chapko testifying in support of House Bills 4639 and 4725.

Representative Kelly Breen (D-Novi) and Representative Bob Bezotte (R-Howell) sponsored the bills which would add back county corrections officers to the definition of PA 312. POAM would like to thank Rep. Breen and Bezotte for their leadership on this issue and for standing up for our county corrections officers.

POAM knows county corrections officers are essential and should be treated as such. Since a court ruling removed corrections officers from being considered “essential personnel” and therefore are not eligible for PA 312, POAM has been fighting to restore the original intent.

Thank you to Commerce and Tourism Committee Chairman Steve Marino for bringing these bills up before the committee and allowing POAM to testify in support. We expect a committee vote will happen soon and the bill will then head to the House floor.

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