The Ottawa County Corrections Officer Association (OCCOA) President Joe Walker and his wife Angel were instrumental in the success of this event. Elected officials and candidates from local and state offices met with local officers and POAM representatives. Officials from Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekoff to local county commissioners attended.

The candidates, elected officials, and law enforcement officials were able to discuss issues and ideas of mutual interest.

Meet the Candidates Event

The following candidates and elected officials took part:

  • U.S. 2nd Congressional District
    • Dr. Rob Davison (D)
  • MI State Senate 30th District
    • MI State Senator Arlan Meekhof (R)
    • MI State Representative Roger Victory – 88th (R)
    • MI State Representative Daniela Garcia – 90th (R)
    • Fmr MI State Representative Joe Haveman – 90th (R)
    • Mrs. Laurete DeBoer (R)
    • Mrs. Jeanette Schipper (D)
  • MI State House 88th District
    • Mr. Luke Meerman (R)
    • Mr. Jason Minier (R)
    • Mr. Mike Bosch (R)
  • MI State House 89th District
    • MI State Representative Jim Lilly (R)
    • Mrs. Beverly Zimmerman (R)
    • Mr. Jerry Sias (D)
  • MI State House 90th District
    • Ottawa County Treasurer Bradley Slagh (R)
    • Mr. Orlando Estrada (R)
  • Ottawa County Board of Commissioners
    • Commissioner Francisco “Frank” Gargia – 1st District (R)
    • Commissioner Donald Disselkoen – 3rd District (R)
    • Commissioner Alan Dannenberg – 4th District (R)
    • Mr. Kyle Terpstra – 6th District (R)
    • Mrs. Cynthia Davis – 6th District (R)
    • Commissioner Greg DeJong – 8th District; Board Chairman (R)
    • Commissioner Phil Kuyers – 9th District (R)
    • Commissioner Matthew Fenske – 11th District (R)

Photo 1: (Left to right) Michigan Legislative Consultants, Matt Swosh, | POAM Executive Board Members,
Jon Pignataro, Jim Cross, Joe Walker, Kenneth E Grabowski, Tom Scherer and Reginald Crawford.

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