POAM’s Priorities this Fall

Starting September 6, the Michigan legislature will reconvene for its fall legislative session.

POAM’s top legislative priority will remain protecting the collectively bargained pension and health care benefits of POAM members from any attacks. We have engaged heavily in talking with key legislators on the importance of protecting our benefits.

Since Governor Snyder’s task force released its report with recommendations, we have met with top legislative officials including Speaker Tom Leonard, Representative Thomas Albert and others. As you may know, POAM’s Ken Grabowski was appointed by the Governor to this force and aggressively fought for principles.

POAM remains the premier law enforcement organization which legislators come to have frank discussions about issues and any potential impact on law enforcement.

Key Points to Legislators

  • Local government budget issues cannot be solved by a one-sized mandate by Lansing politicians
  • Our local bargaining units are working with local municipalities to solve local fiscal issues
  • Municipal finance issues cannot be solved without discussing the lack of revenue sharing from the state of Michigan to local municipalities

Further cutting law enforcement benefits and pensions will make attracting high-quality officers even more difficult.
As we head into the fall legislative session, the POAM leadership and our day-to-day lobbyist in Lansing will remain on high alert to any attacks on law enforcement.

We have your back and will continue to keep you apprised of any action.