On June 10th, the full senate voted to pass an exemption under PA54 for police and firefighters (similar language to HB5097). Senator Pat Colbeck was instrumental in pushing this legislation through the Senate. The bill now goes back to the House for their vote. Unfortunately, legislators will be on recess for the summer. Please review the names of senators that voted yes in support of law enforcement and remember who did not. Be prepared to contact House members this fall to demand their vote on this important legislation.


Yeas – 27
Senator Anderson
Senator Bieda
Senator Casperson
Senator Caswell
Senator Colbeck
Senator Green
Senator Gregory
Senator Hansen
Senator Hildenbrand
Senator Hood
Senator Hopgood
Senator Hune
Senator Hunter
Senator Johnson
Senator Jones
Senator Kowall
Senator Marleau
Senator Nofs
Senator Pappageorge
Senator Proos
Senator Richardville
Senator Rocca
Senator Smith
Senator Walker
Senator Warren
Senator Whitmer
Senator Young


Nays – 10
Senator Booher
Senator Brandenburg
Senator Emmons
Senator Jansen
Senator Kahn
Senator Meekhof
Senator Moolenaar
Senator Pavlov
Senator Robertson
Senator Schuitmaker


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