Michigan House Passes Bills 4605 & 4606 to Provide Funding to Police Departments

On Wednesday, November 8th, the Michigan House of Representatives passed House Bill 4605, sponsored by Rep. Nate Shannon, and House Bill 4606, sponsored by Rep. Alabas Farhat. As passed by the Michigan House, the legislation would:

  • Established the Public Safety and Violence Prevention Fund and used 1.5% of the money received to help fund law enforcement. In year 1, the total funding would be approximately $110 million. If passed, this funding would continue in perpetuity.
  • Of the revenue collected, it would be used in the following way:
    • 2% of the money would go to the Crime Victim’s Rights Fund
    • 6.5% of the money would go to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to create a grant program for advancing public health and intervention solutions to community violence.
    • The remaining 91.5% would be distributed to city, village, township, and county sheriff departments. The amount of money that would be available to a department would be proportional to the municipality’s average share of statewide reported crimes. The money distributed could not be used for facial recognition technology or chemical weapon munition or devices.

POAM would like to specifically thank Representatives Farhat and Shannon for their work on this legislation. They have been consistent strong voices for Michigan’s law enforcement. Additionally, we would like to thank Representatives Mike Mueller, Mike Harris, Bob Bezotte, and Brian BeGole for working in good faith to ensure this money goes to law enforcement rather than other projects.

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Please consider sending Representatives Farhat and Shannon a thank you email. Their email addresses are:

The bills passed the Michigan House 88-21. They now go to the Michigan Senate for consideration. Review the bill language and summary.

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