GOP Unveils $250M Supplemental For Police Recruitment, Supports

Wed., Nov. 10, 2021 — Roughly $250 million could go toward police training, recruitment, and supports under an H-2 substitute unanimously adopted at today’s House Appropriations Committee meeting.

Of that funding, $156.3 million comes from the General Fund while the remaining $93.8 million comes from federal funding under HB 5522 sponsored by Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Linden).

From the money, $150 million would go toward signing and retention bonuses, job shadow programs, incentives for out-of-state prospects to move to Michigan, and academy assistance. It will also fund marketing for EMT, fire, and police jobs, as well as reimbursements for professional training and fees, among other things.

Another $20 million would go toward police supports, such as mental health support and funding more school resource officers. Another $35 million would fund community policing, which would encompass spending for the Police Athletic League and reimbursing officers who lost shifts due to quarantines.

The remaining $45 million would pay for equipment upgrades. This would include upgrades to radios and communication towers, grants for body cameras, and funding for new riot gear and body armor.

The funding would be disbursed among three different departments: the Department of Corrections, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of State Police, with the latter receiving the bulk of money under the H-2.

Corrections could receive $12 million under the substitute, with $4 million of that coming from General Fund dollars, while DHHS could receive $7.5 million – all of which is in gross funding. These funding pots would also go toward aiding police and first responders, as well as providing supports for corrections officers.

While the substitute was adopted, no vote was taken on reporting the bill to the full House.

Source: Gongwer – Links have been changed from the original to include more public-facing material.

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