MLC June 2021 Updates

The Michigan Legislative Consultants (MLC) is sharing the latest updates with our members informed on what’s happening at the State Capitol in our MLC June 2021 Updates.

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This information is sourced from the Michigan Legislative Consultants’ COVID-19 Special Update email newsletter sent on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Tuesday, June 1 – Statewide Economic Impact


  • Weekly Cases: 3,139
  • Total Cases: 887,719
  • Weekly Deaths: 210
  • Total Deaths: 19,163
  • Weekly Cases: 2,912
  • Total Cases: 922,446
  • Weekly Deaths: 152
  • Total Deaths: 19,861
  • Weekly Cases: 3,132
  • Total Cases: 743,696
  • Weekly Deaths: 66
  • Total Deaths: 13,203
  • Weekly Cases: 5,745
  • Total Cases: 1,382,186
  • Weekly Deaths: 194
  • Total Deaths: 22,827
  • Weekly Cases: 1,583
  • Total Cases: 610,166
  • Weekly Deaths: 88
  • Total Deaths: 7,078

Governor Announces Funding Priorities

Due to a mix of federal COVID-19 relief funding, and higher than previously estimated state revenue, there is a surplus of funds available to the state. At the end of last week, Governor Whitmer laid out her priorities for those dollars, focusing on K-12 education. The items she’s looking to fund include:

  • $500 million for school infrastructure
  • $500 million for districts to hire and retain more teachers, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and nurses, and provide student loan debt relief for mental and physical health professionals working in high-need districts
  • $402 million to increase the foundation allowance by 4%

The governor will have to work with the legislature to negotiate how the additional revenue is appropriated. For more details on the governor’s priorities, please click here.

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Additionally, the following website is a source for updated information from the administration.


While these are very uncertain times, know the MLC Team, along with POAM, is available to answer your questions regarding these MLC June 2021 Updates. Additionally, we will provide regular updates as more information becomes available.

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