Heartfelt Letter from President Tignanelli

POAM President Jim Tignanelli penned a heartfelt letter to encourage our local law enforcement members, family, and friends during this difficult time. Read his letter below.

Show Compassion To Those Around You

By the time you read this, you will have already found yourself getting used to talking to people from six feet away and washing your hands more often than you have in your entire lifetime. All necessary changes in today’s world.

Yes, our lives will be forever altered by the COVID-19 virus. But, all we need to do is look around to see there are those in worse shape than ourselves.

The goal is first to survive, then to restore some sense of normalcy to our surroundings, our economy, and our friends. We will do this because we are Americans. Every country on every continent is better off because there is the United States of America. Their freedom, their way of life, and their health still rely on us. Yes, we take a beating in the press now and then, but no country shows up like ours does when the junk hits the fan.

We at the POAM are so proud of those we represent. When we speak about “America showing up,” who does it more often than those who serve in law enforcement? Our deputies, police officers, corrections deputies, communication specialists, and university police always answer the call! The state and the federal governments publish a series of economic benefits for all of America to help keep people alive and fed. Who gets excluded? Medical professionals and first responders! Why? Because you are all that stands between freedom, health, and chaos! You answer the bell and run towards the problem instead of away from it. You are held to a higher standard and you like it! There isn’t a more special class of people in the world.

It seems each day I get numerous calls from members asking, “What about us?” Oddly enough, they are calling me from work! The frontlines. The dedication that is exemplified by them is simply cultural, seemingly genetic, and quite frankly overwhelms me. It’s time for all of us to give “a little love” to those on the front line. I know you’re thinking about it, but it’s time to show it.

Remember, we hire from the human race! Our members are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, and sons and daughters. They have kids and families. They get sick too!

Our people will always need our support and guidance, but what they need most right now is recognition, friendship, and kind words. God bless the people that are working during this troublesome moment in history. This is the most dangerous attacker we have seen in the past 100 years. Why? Because we can’t see it. We can’t identify it. Heck, we can barely defend against it but are doing what we can.

God bless the law enforcement community. I am so proud of our members.

Thank you!

President Tignanelli

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