Hazard Pay Update With New Bill

Conference With Senator Gary Peters

On Monday, April 27, the Public Saftey Coalition met via Zoom with Michigan U.S. Senator Gary Peters about the hazard pay update. Legislative Director Kenneth E. Grabowski and President Jim Tignanelli, along with the other members, conveyed our concerns on all issues affecting first responders.

Many of our members have been asking for some type of hazard pay. Some communities have stepped up to the plate, while most have not or can not. While people are getting paid to stay home, and some on unemployment are getting more money than when they were working, it’s not unreasonable to give some hazard pay to those that must work and continue to face the risk for them and their families. Senator Peters has a bill in the Senate called the “Heroes Fund.”

If you want to do something to help, call, write, email your member in congress and ask them to support it.

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