Best Practices Regarding COVID-19

Attention all eligible members,

During these difficult times, the Union supports taking all necessary precautions and best practices surrounding COVID-19. Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-147 addressing mandatory mask-wearing has an exception for law enforcement located in Section 2(h) (located at the top of page #4 and highlighted) of the attached document.

Should your Employer institute a policy change regarding mandatory mask-wearing that exceeds the Governor’s order, and imposes discipline for non-compliance, you should notify your POAM Business Agent so a “Demand to Bargain” impact/effects can be timely transmitted to the employer. Per the Public Employment Relation Act (PERA), an Employer’s action which changes working conditions requires the Employer to bargain with the Union once properly notified in writing. If you find yourselves in this predicament, please contact your POAM Business Agent for assistance.


As directed, contact your business agent or the POAM office for further assistance on best practices. We will continue to share related updates through our online platforms, including our website, social media, and monthly newsletter.

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