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Officer Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander - POAM 2019 Police Officer of the Year Award Recipient
Ryan Alexander - POAM 2019 Police Officer of the Year Award Recipient
Ryan Alexander - POAM 2019 Police Officer of the Year Award Recipient

At any moment, police officers can encounter dangerous situations during their tenure. It is up to them to act in a swift, yet safe manner to help and protect all involved.

On May 9, 2018, Dearborn Police Department’s Officer Ryan Alexander overheard a 911 call to the Melvindale Police Department while monitoring a nearby jurisdiction’s radio traffic. The call stated a victim was driving through the city of Dearborn while being chased and shot at by another individual. Knowing something must be done, Officer Alexander decided to position his vehicle in an area that could observe all oncoming traffic onto Oakwood Boulevard and began waiting for the suspect and victim to drive by.

As the two vehicles approached Officer Alexander, he believed a felony stop could end the chase. His initial attempt to conduct the felony stop failed. The shooting suspect ignored Officer Alexander’s signals, including his vehicle’s flashing lights and sirens; and, without any regard to his surroundings, the suspect continued to chase and shoot toward the victim.

Officer Alexander decided it was time to take matters into his own hands to protect the safety of all citizens nearby. Once he got close to the suspect, he revved his engine and intentionally collided with the suspect’s vehicle to disable it.

Most would think an attempt like this would bring an end to the suspect’s actions, but the suspect continued to chase the victim. Officer Alexander couldn’t allow this to keep happening – he chose to use his vehicle again to collide with the suspect’s vehicle until the shooting finally ceased.

In the end, no one, including the victim, suspect, innocent bystanders, or Officer Alexander, was harmed during the altercation. The actions of Officer Alexander were selfless, risky, and extremely heroic. It was his quick thinking and swift actions that allowed Officer Alexander to serve his community by ensuring the safety and protection of all.

It is with great admiration of your selfless bravery and courage that the Police Officers Association of Michigan salutes and awards you, Officer Alexander, as a 2019 Police Officer of the Year.

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