Each year, POAM celebrates the accomplishments of valiant members who go far beyond the call of duty. We believe that the most trying times often bring out the best in a person, as exemplified by top law enforcement officers like Deputies Sumbal and Williamson.

High-Speed Chase Through the Countryside

In September 2022, a subject wanted for multiple criminal charges escaped the Coldwater City Police Department. The suspect was armed with multiple weapons, including a handgun and shotgun. He fired at police officers in his pursuit as he successfully evaded capture. The suspect was reportedly spotted hours later in Calhoun County. 

Deputy Sumbal responded as the first car to the pursuit, while Deputy Williamson joined him shortly after in the chase. The car chase led officers through multiple counties and cities; all along the way, the gunman fired shots at the pursuing police vehicles. Deputies Sumbal and Williamson tactfully avoided the firing and bravely continued to close in on the errant driver. The suspect broadcast the entire assault footage via social media and phoned 911, threatening to harm innocent lives if the deputies had not halted their pursuit. 

The car chase covered 110 miles across Jackson County, Albion, the village of Springport, and several more villages before circling back to Jackson County. Deputies Sumbal and Williamson finally caught up with the subject, who resisted arrest and began a getaway on foot. 

Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff's Association's Officers Sumbal and Williamson | Police Officer of the Year Awards - May 2023 | POAM
POAM General Counsel Frank Guido, Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Officer Suleiman Sumbal, POAM Business Agent Jon Pignataro, and Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Officer Jack Williamson.

Stopping A Potential Crime Spree

After a brief foot chase, Deputy Sumbal finally brought the armed subject down to the ground and ended the threat. The deputies’ resilience, coordinated teamwork, and selflessness successfully ended the dangers posed by an armed and violent individual who threatened to cause multiple injuries and casualties across several communities. 

Deputy Sumbal has been in law enforcement for nearly six years, continuing to show a tireless dedication to safeguarding public safety, as proven in his actions throughout the high-speed pursuit. Deputy Williamson is a seasoned officer with over 25 years in service and is a former force member at the Albion Police Department. The effective collaboration and quick response between the deputies led to the best outcome in an extremely risky incident that could have led to a highly destructive aftermath. 

We are proud to announce Deputies Suleiman Sumbal, and Jack Williamson of the Calhoun County Deputy Sheriffs Association are recipients of the 2023 Police Officer of the Year Award. Deputies Sumbal and Williamson are recognized for their courageous response to immediate danger from an armed and dangerous subject, proving their valiant and inspiring character. 

For your invaluable valor in a high-stress and life-threatening situation, we award you both with the 2023 Police Officer of The Year Award.

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