Corporal Clive and His Comittment to Safety

In early February 2017, Corporal Tim Clive encountered a homicidal suspect in the front lobby of the Dearborn Police Department. This incident resulted in Corporal Clive risking his own life to protect the safety of the greater community through his heroic and decisive action. Just a few years later, he experienced another similar life-threatening event.

In late December 2022, while performing desk duties at the station, Corporal Clive happily assisted citizens with holiday gift drops for “Toys for Tots” and Dearborn’s Goodfellows “No Child Without a Christmas” campaign. The area was buzzing with activity as a regional event was hosted adjacent to the station, and community members participated in child custody exchanges. Corporal Clive, all the while, maintained a positive and professional demeanor as he oversaw the lobby.

Dearborn City Police Officers Association's Corporal Timothy Clive | Police Officer of the Year Awards - May 2023 | POAM
POAM’s General Counsel Frank Guido, Legislative Director Kenneth E. Grabowski, Corporal Timothy Clive, and POAM Business Agent Gregg Allegeier.

Springing Into Action

When a citizen approached the corporal, he engaged with him as with others, but he drew a firearm and pointed it at Corporal Clive. The armed suspect was only a few feet away and attempted to discharge the firearm – Corporal Clive immediately went into action, informing fellow desk officers of the weapon as the suspect struggled to fire it, keeping it pointed at the corporal. With quick, decisive action, he fatally ended the threat, ensuring the safety of his fellow officers and community members.

In his 14 years with the department, this is his second time receiving the Police Officer of the Year Award from our union. He continues to show decisiveness in defense of the community and a proven track record of heroic decision-making capabilities. Both incidents have shown Corporal Clive to bravely face a high-risk situation involving a gunman and protect the safety of the public and his fellow officers.

Honoring Corporal Clive

These characteristics mark him as selfless in the line of duty and an exemplary member of the Dearborn Police Department. For your continued bravery and heroism, POAM presents Corporal Tim Clive with the 2023 Police Officer of the Year Award.

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Posted by MJ CLIVE

Proud of you little brother. Glad we were able to make it out to ceremony. Stay alert.

Posted on May 26, 2023 at 10:10 AM

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