POAM 2021 Events Update from President Tignanelli

Convention Update!!!

Some months back, I provided a hopeful but somewhat unoptimistic “convention update.” My goal, of course, was to do all we could to rekindle the great times and events we have become used to over the past 40 years. It had become obvious our traditional time of the year in May was going to be impossible. These events take 3 months, minimally, to organize. In fact, we start the next one when the last one ends! Mailings, registrations, invitations, preparation for our police officer of the year presentations, etc., need to be as perfect as we can make them and that takes time.

Last year, we did a “roadshow” for our Officers of the Year. They were well-received and turned out better than I could have hoped. Fact is, I just felt we need to get back together. Our members, first responders, all worked through one of the strangest years one could imagine. Courts closed, offices closed, mandated masks, friends, and family ill with the virus — our people went to work each day. Some employers were more generous than others. Some were much less than nice. Our members, though, came to work. Kids home from school, quarantines, hand sanitizer, eating off Styrofoam. Good grief. Our members need a night with old and new friends.

Our staff has been diligent in trying to keep up with the “rules” set upon us by the elected leaders, the CDC, the WHO, the “science.” Moving targets, all. We had set aside September 1 -2 as our “target dates” for the 2021 convention. We couldn’t do it in May — the summer rules were unpredictable and I felt we would go as far into the summer as possible. This would avoid the school year and those hunting seasons that so many participate in. Our members don’t like changes but it was the best that I can do. All going well, I’m hopeful we are back into May for 2022.

We will probably begin mailings in mid-June with the announcements/invitations. We have to set up for September with the rules we are confronted with today in May but are hopeful the current rules will loosen some by convention time. My goal is to have the seminar a little earlier on the 1st with the infamous poker run beginning around 5 p.m. that afternoon. Why? Because, as of today, the places we frequent must close at 11 p.m. The business meeting will begin at noon on the 2nd (as is traditional) and the cocktail party will begin, perhaps an hour earlier than normal (6 p.m.).

Again, the dates seem certain, the events are likely but the times may get adjusted if the rules governing the places we frequent loosen up. I am hopeful if not optimistic. Unless something totally unpredictable happens (sheeeese!), we will be together with friends on the 1st and 2nd of September. I hope this sounds as good to you as it does to me.

Please keep an eye out for the mailings and plan to join us for a long-awaited event!

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Stay Tuned

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Best to each of you,