Executive Board Personnel: Page 2

David LaMontaine

David LaMontaine Executive Board since 2007 Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan Executive Board Member Monroe County Deputy Sheriff since 1999 Hamtramck Police Officer 1998-1999 Wayne County De...

Dan Kuhn

Daniel Kuhn Vice President since 2006 Executive Board since 2002 Business Agent since 2003 Saginaw City Police Officer since 1990

David Hochstein

David Hochstein Executive Board since 2007 Westland Police Officer since 1990 United States Army 1985-1989

William Birdseye

William Birdseye Treasurer since 1979 Executive Board since 1975 Business Manager/Agent since 1979 Governor’s Commission on Pensions 1999 Detroit Police Officer 1964-1979

Thomas Funke

Thomas Funke Secretary since 2007 Executive Board since 1996 Business Agent since 1998 Livonia Police Officer since 1985

Kenneth Grabowski

Kenneth E. Grabowski Legislative Director since 1992 Executive Board since 1983 Business Agent since 1986 Michigan Justice Training Commission 1993-2001 Redford Township Police Officer 1973-1986

Gary Pushee

Gary Pushee Executive Board since 1984 Business Agent since 1995 Dearborn Police Officer 1969-1992 United States Marine Corps 1965-1969

Gerald Radovic

Gerald Radovic Executive Board since 1978 Business Agent since 1980 Dearborn Police Officer 1968-1980 United States Marine Corps 1964-1968

James DeVries

James DeVries Executive Board since 1976 Business Agent since 1987 MCOLES Chairman 2004-2005 MCOLES Member since 1995 Grand Haven Public Safety Officer 1971-1987

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