Since its inception, the POAM has been committed to providing professional, in-house research services. Its research department has demonstrated that accurate data for negotiations often wins significant contracts. Even when contracts must go to ACT 312 arbitration, careful analysis and compelling evidence are major factors contributing to victories.

Staffed by two experienced professionals, the POAM’s research team responds each week to a variety of requests for information. Business agents working with local bargaining committees need to know what wages and benefits are available to other departments in the area.

When pensions are being negotiated, actuarial costs for new benefits are decisive in gaining improvements. Health care issues, Social Security questions, work-practice surveys, and cost-of-living analyses are only a few of the areas addressed by Research Analysts Kevin Loftis and Al Brzys.

Kevin Loftis is well-known to members through his positions as POAM Executive Board member and Business Agent, as well as, a 25 year veteran of the Oak Park Public Safety Department, where he served as its local union president. Kevin has the practical wisdom to assist any local association in comprehensive preparation for negotiations, mediation, or compulsory arbitration. Loftis has personally participated in every facet of the police labor industry and his extensive credentials qualify him as an expert witness.

Al Brzys took advantage of a great opportunity to put his computer talents and extensive pension board experience to work after retiring from the Dearborn Police Department after 25 years as a Police Officer. Al served 23 of those years on the Local Union’s Executive Board, 5 years as President. He also was elected for 20 consecutive years to the Dearborn Police and Fire Pension Board as a Trustee. He now works with colleague Kevin Loftis handling all POAM/TPOAM computer analyses of wages, benefits, and work practices for the organization. Al combines the best of real-world experience in economics theory and public service to assist the organization and its local bargaining units.

Kevin Loftis
Kevin Loftis
Research Analyst/Business Agent
Oak Park PSOA
Al Brzys
Research Analyst
Dearborn POA