Congratulations to the River Rouge Command Officers!

The City of River Rouge had been operating under a “consent agreement” with the State of Michigan for an extended period.  When doing so, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements can become quite difficult. 

The local leadership under the guidance of business agent, Tom Funke, were able to secure a three year contract with wage increases between 2.25% and 3% each year.  A signing bonus upon ratification also sweetened the deal for our members!

The River Rouge police officers and command officers have converted to “public safety officers” during this transition and that went a long way towards achieving the goals.

James Van Deraa, Craig Waple, and Ron Guffey Jr. assisted in negotiations.  It should be noted that the River Rouge Patrol Officers also bargained a good contract with Wayne Beerbower assisting.  We will give notice to their achievements in an upcoming edition of the POAM news.

Jim Tignanelli, POAM President

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