Attention all LEIN Users:

This correspondence is to inform you that a LEIN Policy update has recently been made.  The following Reserve Officer Policy was rescinded on 8/27/10:

RESCINDED-A reserve officer, when acting in a law enforcement capacity, must be under the direct supervision of a certified law enforcement officer when accessing LEIN.

At the request of LEIN agencies throughout the state, this policy was revisited and as a result, rescinded.  The LEIN Field Services Section will remain neutral on the topic of “direct supervision.” Therefore, agencies will be permitted to make agency-specific decisions regarding the use of reserve officers as it relates to LEIN use, as followed by the Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards.

If an authorized agency and its personnel, including LEIN certified reserve officers, are utilizing LEIN for the administration of criminal justice, they will no longer have “direct supervision” limitations placed upon them.  As a reminder, all reserve officers must be initially trained and re-certified as any other LEIN users.

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Posted by Officer B

All of this doom and gloom from the first two responding on here is unfortunate. There seems to be a line drawn between local PD and Sheriff’s reserves. As far as Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s go, they have different responsibilities in Michigan than local police reserves of municipalities do. But regardless, with respect to LEIN, Reserve officers have been using LEIN since LEIN existed; all this does is clear up some red tape and make the ability of the Reserve officer to use it just less of an administrative headache.

Reserve officers are not, at least in my experience trying to “steal” jobs; as Frank Wood points out: this type of information has “no business in the hands of civilian persons and wanna be cops…” I couldn’t disagree with you more, Frank, and I think it’s a rash characterization to assume all reserve officers are “wannabe” anything. Granted, some are but the vast majority are not. And most dispatchers or LEIN clerks *are* civilian, with some notable exceptions.

Reserve officers are important to effective community policing, giving an agency additional manpower, and providing support to full time staff members. Granted, reserve officers in Michigan are doing more and more because of our economic situation, but that’s not their fault.

I believe that reserve officers should be licensed by MCOLES the same as full time officers are. Most states in our Union license their reserve officers, and Michigan is far behind the times in that regard. The legal “grey area” that exists with reserves in the state does need to be addressed though sadly I don’t think its going to be a priority for our legislature for the foreseeable future.

Posted on April 20, 2011 at 1:45 AM

Posted by Dorothy

I would love to volunteer as a Reserve Officer…!

Posted on November 11, 2010 at 12:17 PM

Posted by Mike Abernathy

In regards to Mr. Earle,

I understand your point and agree with your philosphy. But I also would like to make a point.

Reserve Officers in the State of Michigan are becoming a very important part of Community Service and Protection. With the fact that many Law Enforcement Departments are cutting jobs or in fact have their doors closed. The need for Voleenter Service providers is very important. The Reserve Offices need to have property training and they need to have the proper informantion and equipmnet to do the work they are performing.

Many Reserve Officers have abundent Law Enforcement Experience.

Much as I do, and I am not the exception. My department has about a dozen Reserve Officers and we have a very high standard that is held in order to become a member. We train and certify as a certified officer does. And we donate our time to the department, buy all of our own equipment and donate much of the deparments equipment. We maintain the departments vechicals for the most part also.

Michigan is always behind the times when it comes to police officer and reserve officer training and requirments and how and who is certified in what capacity.

As for your remarks on a homeland security issue and money donations getting someone a postion. That’s would be a dirty law enforcment agency that needs some inter affairs action.

We may agree to disagree on much of this subject but in the end we need law enforcment and for the most part anyone that wants to serve the citizenship is good in my book.

And I am sorry for the fact that I just can’t see me giving up my well paying job to become a full time certified officer and give up more then half my annual just doesn’t make sense to me. I will contiue to serve and protect and train and do everything I can to be part of the solution and help fix the problem.

And sir you can be assured I will I back up and be the best partner you could ask for.

thank you

Posted on October 31, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Posted by corporal frank wood

giving any type of reserve office access to LEIN is just wrong when you consider the restrictions other civilians have and the rules that are to be adhered to when using LEIN. the use of reserve deputies and reserve officers has been a pratice use by police chiefs and county sheriff’s to intimidate duly sworn deputies and officers because they know that a reserve officer will do anything and say anything and pay anything to stay in the uniform and is given free reign at times knowing they have different rules that apply to them.
LEIN use is serious business for you have access to a persons entire life and that type of information has no business in the hands of civilian persons and wanna be cops, a political appoinment does not make you a cop and give you access to the most secure network in our line of work LEIN is for cops and is to be used by cops as one of our most important tools of the trade just like a gun and police radio.
using reserve deputies and cops hurts sheriff and police unions alike and now more than ever we must protect all of our jobs that are for sworn cops only.

Posted on October 27, 2010 at 8:11 PM

Posted by Brian Earle

This is a major issue, and all departments need to be concerned with this. Giving reserves full access to LEIN is the first step in attempting to allow reserves to take over job responsibilities that use to be exclusive to full time officers. Management will try to justify the reserves doing jobs that full time Officers have traditionally done by saying the reserves will only do “jobs that Officers don’t like doing” such as impounding abandoned vehicles or taking calls for service on stolen vehicles. Once they get their foot in the door they will push the envelope to try to expand the use of the reserves.
Further, there is no set standard on how a reserve is “hired’. Some departments go through a strict evaluation on the prospected reserve officers, and other departments use the reserve program for political appointment or to generate funds. Potential reserves may donate money to a department in order to become a reserve, and may even obtain certain rank depending on the amount donated or their political affiliation. This creates potential homeland security issues as well.
This change in the LEIN policy is a direct threat toward our jobs and our security and it needs to be addressed.

Posted on October 25, 2010 at 12:13 PM

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