Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Announcements

Update on Contract Negotiations – 3/28/2020

Hey Team!

I wanted to give you all an update on what’s happening.

First, the economic package and few contract provisions we approved continue to move forward.  You can expect to see lump sum payments and any increases in salary in your April 24 paycheck.  Additionally, the PA 54 health care premium should be done with this last check we just received – it should not appear on any future checks.

Next, we are still working towards completing contract negotiations this coming week and we hope to have the remainder of the contract TA’d and submitted for your approval.  We are anticipating a vote on Friday, April 3 if all goes well.

We expect no major changes to any contract terms.  The County was focused on getting all contracts to be more uniform across all groups which represented no significant changes for us. They will continue to pay bar dues and honor other terms we had in our previous contract.  When the specifics are ironed out, I will update you with more detail.

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Reach out with any questions or concerns.

February 25th Voting Results

Macomb County Prosecuting Attorneys ratified the tentative agreement with overwhelming support. The agreement was related to Jail Duty Time, Flex-Time, and the wage schedule. The final tally was 44 in favor, 1 against. We appreciate your votes and support! Below are the supporting documents for your viewing.

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