Awards weren’t the only things being presented at the 2012 POAM Annual Convention, Police Officers Association of Michigan members were also made privy to the latest updates in the legislative arena. Lobbying, in both the Michigan State legislature and the US Senate and House of Representatives, is essential to POAM’s success as an organization. It is our goal to provide all POAM members the rights and protection they deserve for protecting Michigan’s citizens.

POAM Washington Lobbyist Denny McGrann
POAM Washington Lobbyist Denny McGrann

At the POAM Annual Convention, POAM brothers and sisters received an update on the state-side of the legislative battle from POAM Legislative Director Kenneth Grabowski while Washington DC lobbyist Denny McGrann updated members on federal legislative happenings. Grabowski spoke about how the Michigan House of Representatives is dominated by Republicans and that the Senate is much more moderate in its views on police issues and union issues. Michigan’s legislature is only in session until June 14 when the summer recess begins, which means that there’s a short window of time to try to help the cause of Michigan law enforcement agents.

During National Police Week, we heard about the importance of the job McGrann does for POAM in Washington. But one topic he touched on in his Convention speech was why POAM hired him in the first place, which was to make Michigan law enforcement’s voice louder in Washington. Before, POAM didn’t think deferring to a larger national group was doing enough to ensure that our members’ rights are being protected. We took it upon ourselves to not only have representation for us as an organization in Washington DC, but for our members, too.

If you would like to hear the 2012 POAM Annual Convention Legislative Update, you can listen to it below! Feel free to contact POAM with any questions you may have about how specific legislation could affect you or your department.