House Bill 5780 is an amendment to Public Act 54 and would prevent the act from affecting 312 eligible employees. The amendment was before the House Committee of Local, Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs. The bill sponsor was Representative John Walsh (R-Livonia) and the committee was chaired by Mark Ouimet (R). The following is a tally of the votes supporting the amendment.


  • Ouimet (R)
  • Pettalia (R)
  • Stanley (D)
  • Constan (D)
  • Townsend (D)


  • Crawford (R)
  • Daley (R)
  • Price (R)

No Vote

  • LaFontaine (R)
  • Rendon (R)

POAM Legislative Director Kenneth Grabowski and our lobbyist, Tim Ward from Michigan Legislative Consultants, will be working hard on 5780’s passage and pass on necessary information to members as it becomes available.

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