You must communicate with your Michigan State Representative immediately!

For the past two years, your POAM Legislative Team has worked relentlessly to correct PA 54, which among other things, freezes incremental pay increases and forbids the granting of retroactive pay once a collective bargaining agreement has expired. As you probably know, this is a direct contradiction to Act 312 and penalizes police officers when good faith bargaining does not take place. HB 5097 provides an exemption under PA 54 for police officers and firefighters. Please review the summary of talking points on the subject that are available by clicking here.

Afterward, POAM is requesting that you be proactive and send a personal letter, email or make a telephone call to your representative and let them know how important this legislation is to the police profession. We encourage you to communicate your own feelings on the subject, but you can also highlight and copy the letter drafted below. ACT NOW!


  1. Call your local state representative using the appropriate number listed below:
    RepDistrictPhone Number
    Brian Banks1517-373-0154
    Alberta Tinsley-Talabi2517-373-1793
    John Olumba3517-373-1787
    Rose Mary Robinson4517-373-0822
    Fred Durhal5517-373-0476
    Rashida Tlaib6517-373-0158
    Thomas Stallworth II7517-373-7317
    David Nathan8517-373-0842
    Harvey Santana9517-373-0857
    Philip Cavanagh10517-373-0140
    David Knezek11517-373-0587
    Doug Geiss12517-373-1789
    Andrew Kandrevas13517-373-0827
    Paul Clemente14517-373-1800
    George Darany15517-373-0847
    Robert Kosowski16517-373-8835
    Bill LaVoy17517-373-0850
    Sarah Roberts18517-373-2668
    John Walsh19517-373-0828
    Kurt Heise20517-373-0844
    Dian Slavens21517-373-7557
    Harold Haugh22517-373-7768
    Patrick Somerville23517-373-0113
    Anthony Forlini24517-373-2629
    Henry Yanez25517-373-0825
    Jim Townsen26517-373-0852
    Ellen Cogen Lipton27517-373-0836
    Jon Switalski28517-373-0841
    Tim Greimel29517-373-0820
    Jeff Farrington30517-373-1780
    Marilyn Lane31517-373-0475
    Andrea LaFontaine32517-373-0615
    Ken Goike33517-373-0854
    Woodrow Stanley34517-373-0830
    Rudy Hobbs35517-373-3816
    Pete Lund36517-373-1788
    Vicki Barnett37517-373-2277
    Hugh Crawford38517-373-2646
    Klint Kesto39517-373-1783
    Michael McCready40517-373-2577
    Martin Howrylak41517-373-1798
    Bill Rogers42517-373-1706
    Gail Haines43517-373-8962
    Eileen Kowall44517-373-0845
    Tom McMillin45517-373-0837
    Bradford Jacobsen46517-373-1799
    Cindy Denby47517-373-0498
    Pam Faris48517-373-0849
    Phil Phelps49517-373-2576
    Charles Smiley50517-373-2616
    Joseph Graves51517-373-1794
    Gretchen Driskell52517-373-8931
    Jeff Irwin53517-373-3436
    David Rutledge54517-373-0159
    Adam Zemke55517-373-1790
    RepDistrictPhone Number
    Dale Zorn56517-373-1530
    Nancy Jenkins57517-373-1778
    Kenneth Kurtz58517-373-0478
    Matt Lori59517-373-0832
    Sean McCann60517-373-0843
    Margaret O’Brien61517-373-0846
    Kate Segal62517-373-0218
    Jase Bolger63517-373-0829
    Earl Poleski64517-373-0156
    Mike Shirkey65517-373-1785
    Aric Nesbitt66517-373-8670
    Tom Cochran67517-373-1773
    Andy Schor68517-373-0835
    Sam Singh69517-373-3815
    Rick Outman70517-373-0839
    Theresa Abed71517-373-0853
    Ken Yonker72517-373-0152
    Peter MacGregor73517-373-1774
    Robert VerHeulen74517-373-0144
    Brandon Dillon75517-373-0834
    Winnie Brinks76517-373-1796
    Thomas Hooker77517-373-0833
    Dave Pagel78517-373-7515
    Al Pscholka79517-373-1795
    Bob Genetski80517-373-1747
    Daniel Lauwers81517-373-0838
    Kevin Daley82517-373-1403
    Paul Muxlow83517-373-3817
    Terry Brown84517-373-1180
    Ben Glardon85517-373-1008
    Lisa Posthumus Lyons86517-373-1784
    Mike Callton87517-373-1771
    Roger Victory88517-373-6990
    Amanda Price89517-373-1766
    Joe Haveman90517-373-0826
    Collene Lamonte91517-373-0555
    Marcia Hovey-Wright92517-373-1775
    Tom Leonard93517-373-1786
    Tim Kelly94517-373-2575
    Stacy Erwin Oakes95517-373-3906
    Charles Brunner96517-373-0855
    Joel Johnson97517-373-2276
    Jim Stamas98517-373-1791
    Kevin Cotter99517-373-8808
    Jon Bumstead100517-373-1772
    Ray Franz101517-373-1776
    Phil Potvin102517-373-0823
    Bruce Rendon103517-373-3818
    Wayne Schmidt104517-373-8900
    Greg MacMaster105517-373-1830
    Peter Pettalia106517-373-3920
    Frank Foster107517-373-2275
    Ed McBroom108517-373-0840
    John Kivela109517-373-1792
    Scott Dianda110517-373-2617
  2. Refer to the e-mail message at the bottom of this post, the talking points listed here and voice your concerns on H.B. 5097.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we can help!


  1. Click on the highlighted link below to send an email.
  2. We highly recommend you write your own letter, but if you would prefer you can send ours, located below. Simply highlight the text, copy it (CTRL+C on Windows, Command+C on Mac) and paste (CTRL+V on Windows, Command+V on Mac) into your email.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we can help!

EmailClick here to open your email client and send a letter to your Michigan House of Representatives (Group 1)

EmailClick here to open your email client and send a letter to your Michigan House of Representatives (Group 2)

As an option, you may highlight and copy the below letter:

To All Michigan State Representatives:

I am sending you this e-mail encouraging your vote of support for House Bill 5097. This legislation will provide for the exemption that was originally promised for police and firefighters under P.A. 54. It will also eliminate this direct contradiction to the newly reformed P.A. 312.

P.A. 54 impairs our communities’ ability to keep and recruit top quality police officers by freezing incremental pay increases for those officers, denying a new hire’s ability to reach top pay. Michigan’s police officers have always made personal sacrifices while serving our municipalities and will continue to share financial hardships to help our communities restore their economic well-being.

But, P.A. 54 is blatantly unfair and was never intended to impact police officers. As a law enforcement professional, my colleagues and I urge you to correct that wrong by voting YES on H.B. 5097, WITHOUT AMENDMENT!