POAM’s Statement On Deputy Sheriff Reckling

Sheriff Brad Reckling

Michigan, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and the Village or Romeo lost one of its shining stars today. Brad Reckling’s wife, three daughters (a fourth child on the way) lost their husband and father. When you read how his life was taken, those of you in this business will know that this wasn’t some “kids running from the police in a stolen car”, these were trained killers who acted with premeditation. And our jails are empty.  It seems surrendering to the police is no longer an option.  We’ll learn more about the perp(s) as the story develops, but my heart was too heavy to wait.

Last year, 70,000 officers were physically assaulted, 360+ were shot (but not killed), 60 lost their lives and this year has started off even worse.  I’ve had this discussion with legislators from Lansing to Washington.  When we speak to them, of course, they support the police. I won’t use the “broad brush” and say “it’s all politics” because some do. Many worry more about reforming the police than they do securing the perpetrators. The men and women that choose this job have always been special among the population.  Those that choose it now not only risk being hurt or killed, but they also have the added risk of being charged with a crime!  I’ll have to follow up on this later.

God bless the Reckling family, their friends and all those officers who rushed to his aid Saturday night and God bless those who have served, who continue to serve and who dream of serving.

Jim Tignanelli
President, Police Officers Association of Michigan