This edition of the Law Enforcement Journal features endorsements for the upcoming election. Unless you have been living in a cave, it appears that the change everybody has been asking for is going to finally come. I believe the results of this election will once again change the status quo.

POAM has endorsed only candidates that we feel are working in the best interest of you and our membership for the safety, well-being and economic future of you and your family. As of the publication of this edition, the endorsement list is not yet complete. Visit for the most recent updates right up until the day of the election. Some candidates whom POAM have previously endorsed have not gotten a current POAM endorsement as a result of actions taken during the last election cycle. POAM is also waiting for a response to some questionnaires. The candidates POAM has endorsed have committed themselves to listening intelligently to the views and positions of our members. Even though you may hear information put out that does not accurately reflect the position you wish a candidate to hold, these candidates as endorsed have committed to working with the POAM prior to making any decisions in the future.