He has served all of his 31 years in law enforcement in the City of Harper Woods. He has received a Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University and been a police academy instructor for 27 years. Randolph Skotarczyk, affectionately referred to as “Scotty,” is one of Michigan’s most respected and effective police administrators. But when nominations were received for this award at the POAM office by both the local patrol and command units in Harper Woods, the POAM Executive Board knew there was more to this man than just his record in police work.

After interviewing members of patrol and command about their chief, it was learned that he also served as a teacher, counselor, confidant, expert and above all, head of the family. “Our chief has pioneered some programs that have significantly increased the effectiveness of police officers and improved public safety for Harper Woods citizens,” stated Deputy Chief James Burke. “Chief Skotarczyk has consistently asked for input and advice on just about all department initiatives from his command and patrol staff.” “Randolph Skotarczyk was the overwhelming choice of POAM,” said President James Tignanelli. “His list of achievements is too long to mention, but his leadership during the Harper Woods Police Department’s major organizational changes over the last couple of years has been impressive. Skotarczyk was an effective patrol officer, respected command officer and now a courageous chief who stands should to shoulder with his officers.”

Harper Woods local POA President Mike Lynch acknowledged Chief Skotarczyk’s qualifications for the award but noted his nomination also came because “my members genuinely feel that Skotarczyk cares about their families and careers. Department morale around here is very high, and that feeling is generated from our top cop.”

Chief Skotarczyk was proud but humbled by his being named the POAM Police Administrator of the Year. “I accept this award on behalf of the men and women that I serve on the Harper Woods Police Department,” said the chief. “I am especially honored to receive this award at the same time two of Harper Woods finest are also being recognized as POAM’s Police Officers of the Year.”
Well said Scotty!