by Kenneth E. Grabowski

The voters of this state and nation have spoken and we will definitely see a different mode of governing than we have seen in the past few years. At the state level, the Democrats have gained stronger control of the House. Our friend Andy Dillon has been re-elected as the Speaker. POAM was successful in endorsing a high percentage of the winning candidates in the Michigan House.

As I am sure you are aware, the economic condition of the state continues to deteriorate. Hopefully, by the printing of this column our federal legislators have decided to put America first and assist our auto companies through this economic chaos. Negotiations for labor contracts for police officers are becoming more and more difficult. Tax monies are drying up for our local communities and if one of our major automotive companies fails, it will be a whole new ball game for negotiating contracts. Let’s hope our elected officials have put America first over our foreign competitors and maintain a manufacturing base in the country.

On the national level, Michigan has gained two new congressmen, Gary Peters and Mark Schauer. POAM has worked with both of these men in the past and they have always been supportive of law enforcement and we believe their election and change in the political make-up of the Michigan Congressional Delegation will be favorable to law enforcement. Participation by police officers at the local level has continued to be successful. POAM endorsed many candidates at the request of our local associations. We have been able to elect several state legislators; State Representative David Nathan, Rashita Tlaib, John Walsh, Lesia Liss, Vincent Gregory, Vicky Barnett. New sheriffs have taken office in Arenac, Kalkaska and Saginaw counties. We look forward to working with them in support of law enforcement issues. Please remember, contact your legislators both locally and federally and let them know what you think. They do listen to your opinions.