by Kenneth E. Grabowski

I sure hope the Democrats in control of our country know what they are doing, because they are taking us in a direction that this country has never experienced. This direction is of great concern. I may be wrong, but I believe there are some things the federal government should not interfere with. The Democrats are in power because the Republicans blew it. The Republicans spent too much, overruled local control with excessive federal control, interfered with too many personal freedoms, and forgot why they were originally elected. The people of this country were mad and overwhelmingly threw the Republicans out of office. I hope the Democrats now in power remember this fact, because power and politics can be fleeting. While many changes must be accomplished for our country and state, total control of everything by the government, from banks to manufacturing, smacks of a banana republic. While our government seems to now spend more time and effort protecting those that are nonproductive and a drain on society, law enforcement continues to “serve and protect,” regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen by our governmental leaders. In recent weeks nine police officers were slaughtered by human debris, people that should either have been in prison or deported. At home an Oak Park officer is murdered by a habitual juvenile criminal who should have been incarcerated. In Houston, Texas, an officer is murdered by an illegal alien. In Oakland, California, four officers are murdered by a parolee who should not have been on the street, and in Pittsburgh three officers are gunned down by a deranged individual. No public outrage, no media exposé on the danger walking amongst us, only acceptance by our society on the type of degenerate people allowed to live in our communities. And what is the proposal in Michigan to solve some of its financial problems, release more prisoners. I’m sure that will make us all safer. POAM has been in contact with our federal and state officials and have been expressing our viewpoints. POAM will be in Washington, D.C., in May, meeting directly with the heads of government. While new ideas are good, problems need to be thought out, not attacked without thought. Remember all of the geniuses who sold the new pension plan of defined contribution to many of our members, guaranteeing our members would be millionaires in 20 or 25 years? Well, I haven’t seen too many police officer millionaires, and what I have seen is a lot of police officers who have been forced to work longer and harder and who cannot retire because of the short-sighted promises made on their pension. As a result of the failure of our regulatory agencies, money that was placed into officer retirement accounts has disappeared into thin air. Our own federal regulators, bankers and government have done more harm to our financial system than the 9/11 terrorists, whose goal was to disrupt this nation’s monetary system. We will be addressing these and many concerns with our elected officials and trying to watch out for what is in the best interest of police officers in this state. Like I said, I sure hope the Democratic leadership knows what they are doing. I have my doubts but wish them success. On Wednesday, June 3rd, POAM will be sponsoring a political action seminar to show your local association how to build an effective organization to stand up for your rights. The only way to defend your freedoms and protect your interests is to fight for your rights, and make your thoughts known to current and future elected officers.