He’s known as a regular guy who’s super bright and a consensus builder living his entire life in northern Michigan. Alton Davis served as the Chief Judge of the 46th Judicial Court for 17 of his 21 years in the district. Davis was recently appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court following Justice Betty Weaver’s recent resignation.

POAM Assistant General Counsel George Mertz was privileged enough to work for Davis for nearly two years as a law clerk conducting research in the 46th Circuit Court. “Justice Davis is a rare bread that has a thorough grasp of the technical and theoretical aspects of the law,” remarked Mertz. “He understands and practices a street smart application of law that includes no political bias, just the facts and his in depth interpretation of law.”

Perhaps Alton Davis’ no nonsense approach comes from his “northern Michigan mindset” that recognize there is a huge diversity in Michigan. His experiences and ideas will provide the kind of remedies that Michigan needs if it’s going to move forward as a state. POAM Legislative Director Kenneth E. Grabowski has met Justice Davis and was happy to bestow Michigan’s largest police union’s endorsement to Davis’ campaign. “Alton Davis is the complete package and will continue to serve as an excellent jurist on Michigan’s Supreme Court.”