By Ed Jacques, LEJ Editor

In early 2006 the father and son duo of Quince and Nick Lefurgey embarked on a new project together, a full line Honda Powersports dealership. Quince, with a life time of Powersports industry background and Nick fresh out of college (with a degree in Criminal Justice and a degree in Business from Ferris State University) the pair settled on a store in the Metro Detroit town of Lenox. In June of 06, the large sign reading Peak Powersports was hung and lit and they were off and running. Since the beginning the dealership has shared a close relationship with local law enforcement agencies. Quince’s oldest son, James Quincy Lefur- gey is currently a police officer for Grosse Pointe Woods, and another fam- ily member, Robert Lefurgey was a reserve officer for Macomb County Sheriffs Department. Always looking to help, Peak Powersports has even loaned out units to assist local police departments in time of need such as during the blizzard in February of 2011 when the Memphis Police Depart- ment needed a utility vehicle to remain mobile in the heavily hit rural town- ship. The next logical step for the father and son combo became very obvi- ous after a trip to California where they observed the CHP riding Honda ST1300PA police motorcycles. Both having ridden the civilian version of the motorcycle in the past, they knew there was an opportunity. The Honda ST1300PA motorcycle is a far cry from the motorcycle commonly ridden by officers here in Michigan. With a top speed well over 120mph, and a lower sticker price and maintenance costs than the Harley and BMW police motorcycles, it’s a clear winner. “That’s when we knew we had something” Quince said. “We’ve heard stories about when the president comes to town and lands at Selfridege Air National Guard base, the local police join the motorcade and can not keep up, as their Harleys struggle touch the 100MPH mark, that’s embarrassing. The ST1300PA is not only faster, but better on fuel, stops quicker, turns sharper and is cheaper to purchase as well as maintain” And he’s right. In fact, out west it’s rare to see anything but a Honda ST1300PA as a police motorcycle. This is when the father and son pair at Peak Powersports really knew it was time to step up. “We bought one” said Nick Lefurgey. “We knew that unless we get this motorcycle in officers’ hands, they will never really know what they are missing out on.” Nick went on to say that starting this spring they will be loaning the bike out to departments across the state so they can test them out (of course, this is first come first serve). “The best part is they can be built to order with active radar, license plate scanners, radios, weapons holders, you name it, its all a possibility on with this motorcycle.” Quince said.

For more information on the Honda ST1300PA visit the guys from
Peak Powersports at the POAM annual convention at the Amway Grand
Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids Michigan where they will be displaying the
Honda ST1300PA motorcycle or visit them at their shop located at 65700
Gratiot Avenue Lenox, MI 48050. phone: (586) 727-2777 fax: (586) 727-