Standing in the line of duty exposes officers to many risks. Officers face these risks and call it part of a day’s work. Most officers are fortunate to make it home to their families at the end of the day. However, some put on their uniforms and never come back.

The Legacy of Corporal Bryant Searcy

These officers are our heroes due to serving in the line of duty up until their last breath. While they may be gone, their legacy lives on through their family and friends, department, and union. With this award, we want to recognize Wayne County Deputy Sheriff’s Association’s own Corporal Bryant Searcy and his contributions as an 18-year-veteran of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Department.

On September 2nd, 2020, we sadly lost Corporal Searcy as he was into his second shift of the day when an inmate attacked while he was conducting a routine floor inspection. Continuing into the height of the pandemic, deputy sheriffs were ordered to work excessive hours to keep up with the work demand.

Though this situation is unfortunate, Corporal Searcy’s legacy continues to live on today — he was someone that everyone wanted as a partner. His colleagues remember him as a Godly man of unwavering courage. He would always show up to pray with a coworker during troubling times. He also was someone whose demeanor and smile made your day. The most challenging days seemed not as bad with Corporal Searcy on duty or in your corner. His zeal to serve as a police officer was evident and contagious all around him. Although his coworkers miss him badly, they will never forget him as one of their own.

What’s a Hero?

In preparation for this award, we asked Wayne County Deputy Sheriff’s Association’s President Allen Cox what’s his definition of a hero and how did Corporal Searcy fit that?

President of Wayne County Deputy Sheriff's Association Allen Cox accepts the award for the family of Corporal Searcy
President of Wayne County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Allen Cox accepts the award for the family of Corporal Searcy.

The definition of hero often varies to indicate a man or woman of distinguished valor, bravery, courage, intrepidity, boldness, daring, and prowess as it relates to characteristics. However, a hero is understood to be different for everyone. However, to us, a hero stands while others sit. They run to render aid, while many run away.

They answer the call without hesitation or reservation. In our hearts and minds, Corporal Searcy was the embodiment of a hero and he will forever be remembered as one of our own!

Honoring Corporal Searcy

Not only is Corporal Bryant Searcy a hero, but he is a husband, a father, a son, a brother in uniform, and a friend. For his endless bravery and compassion, we, the Police Officers Association of Michigan, present the posthumous Police Officer of the Year Award to the family and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office’s Corporal Bryant Searcy.

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