The Dearborn Police Department is hiring for police officers to join its law enforcement family. The city of Dearborn is the 6th largest city in Michigan and employs the 4th largest city police department in the state of Michigan, and is an Accredited Agency that employs approximately 190 sworn police personnel.

Police officers must be able to independently exercise quick but sound judgment in applying police methods in emergency situations. As the officer acquires experience on the job, additional responsibility will be granted. The employee works in a designated area on an assigned shift and may be assigned to special detail or training under supervision. A superior officer supervises work through personal inspection, review of reports, and general appraisal of the effectiveness of the police service.

Employee interacts in a consistently pleasant and helpful manner with fellow employees, visitors, and citizens of the City of Dearborn and demonstrates the highest standards of internal and external customer service. The starting pay is $62,616 and increases to $81,679 after four years. The Dearborn Police Department is also has a lateral transfer program. Officers with greater than 2 years of service will receive a starting pay of $69,866 and officers with greater than 3 years of service will start at $77,120.

Apply for the Dearborn Police Department’s Police Officer Position

Based on the responsibilities and requirements listed below, interested applicants must submit the application online with the following information:

  1. College transcripts
  2. Written notification from MCOLES of Physical Agility and Written Test scores or MCOLES # if currently certified.
  3. DD214 (if applicable)

NOTE: Do not include picture IDs, social security cards, or birth certificates with applications.

The results at each step in the application process will determine eligibility for continuation to subsequent steps. The process will include an application review, written exam, personal history questionnaire, oral-board interview, background investigation, and chief’s interview. Non-certified applicants who are selected will be enrolled in a police academy. All candidates are required to successfully complete a Field Training Program.


Essential Job Functions (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):

  • Affects an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
  • Pursues fleeing suspects on foot, both day and night, in unfamiliar terrain.
  • Subdues resisting subjects using hands and feet while employing defensive tactics maneuvers or approved nonlethal weapons.
  • Climbs over obstacles; climbs through openings; jumps down from elevated surfaces; jumps over obstacles, ditches, and streams; and crawls in confined areas to pursue, search, investigate, and/or rescue.
  • Uses body force to gain entrance through barriers to search, seize, investigate and/or rescue.
  • Enters and exits vehicles quickly to perform rescue operations, pursues a suspect, or answers an emergency call.
  • Load, unload, aim, and accurately fire handguns, shotguns, and other agency firearms from a variety of body positions in situations that justify the use of deadly force while maintaining emotional control under extreme stress.
  • Performs tasks that require lifting, carrying, or dragging people or heavy objects while performing arrests, rescues, or general patrol functions.
  • Performs law enforcement patrol functions while working rotating shifts or with variable off days and unanticipated overtime.
  • Conducts searches of buildings, homes, and outdoor areas which may involve walking and standing for long periods of time and which require the ability to see from a distance, to distinguish color and perceive shapes as well as discern smells, tastes, and tactile sensations.
  • Conducts visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time.
  • Performs searches of persons which involve touching and feeling to detect potential weapons and contraband.
  • And much more!

Marginal Job Functions (Peripheral or incidental to primary job functions):

  • Assists jail administrator in City lock-up facility.
  • Maintains order in court and conducts prisoner to court from detention quarters.
  • Serves criminal processes including warrants and subpoenas.
  • Furnishes escorts when required.
  • Performs related work as assigned.


  • Some knowledge of:
    • Modern approved principles, practices, and procedures of police work.
    • Federal and state laws and City ordinances, and of departmental rules and regulations.
    • First aid methods.
  • Satisfactorily complete required training.
  • Learn streets and physical layout of the City and adjoining areas within an appropriate time frame.
  • Perform essential job functions either with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Cooperate with other officers and employees, accept lines of authority, and deal courteously but firmly with the general public.


An Associate Degree in Law Enforcement (enrolled in the final semester is acceptable) or two years of related college-level coursework (60 credit hours) or a Bachelor’s or higher degree in any discipline or the equivalent in combined education and related experience is required.

Related experience may include certified PA330 Security Police, Corrections Officer/Deputy or prior certified Police Officer experience or graduation from or currently enrolled in a Michigan Police Academy or a minimum:

  • Two years of any military duty with Honorable Discharge.
  • Six years of Military Reserve or National Guard experience with an Honorable Discharge or currently active with good standing.
  • Six years of Police Reserve experience.


  • Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the State of Michigan and a satisfactory driving record.
  • Must meet Michigan Law Enforcement Training Council testing requirements and physical standards (to be determined post-job offer) for certification as a police officer.


  • MERS Defined Benefit Pension with 2.8% Multiplier
  • Option to Purchase 3 Years of Police/Military Service
  • HAP and Blue Cross Health Insurance
  • 12 Hour Patrol Schedule
  • Relaxed Beard and Tattoo Policy
  • Outer Carrier Vests Approved
  • 280 Hours of Paid Vacation Annually
  • 96 Hours of Paid Sick Leave Annually with Sell Back Option
  • 13 Paid Holidays Annually
  • Longevity Pay
  • Gun and Clothing Allowance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Lateral Transfer Program

For More Information about the Dearborn Police Officer Position

To apply, visit the Dearborn Police career page or email Corporal Eric Raby with any questions.

View the POAM Michigan Law Enforcement Career Portal