The City of Dearborn is hiring a Communications Dispatcher to join their police department. This is highly responsible shift work involving the operation of modern communications equipment, including computers, radios, and telephones. Employees receive emergency 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls, complaints, and inquiries from the public, evaluate and dispatch police, fire, and emergency medical services. The work of this division is maintained twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, including weekends and holidays. Employees are assigned to work day, afternoon, and midnight shifts, including frequent weekends and holidays. This is sedentary work.

The salary for this position is $56,650.00 – $61,903.00.


Dearborn Communications Dispatcher Duties & Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):

  • Receives and transmits messages to and from police, fire, emergency medical units, and other local government and municipal communications units via two-way radio.
  • Receives enhanced 9-1-1 emergency telephone calls for service; evaluates situation to determine appropriate response, and dispatches and advises appropriate response unit.
  • Provides Emergency Medical Dispatching services.
  • Communicates effectively with people of varying language and communication abilities.
  • Communicates effectively during stressful telephone contacts, dealing with hysterical, injured, or disoriented callers.
  • Operates the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System and Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) using keyboard devices in conjunction with dispatching police units.
  • Operates the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) computer system via keyboard.
  • Participates in the Emergency Response Unit, which requires on-call emergency response.
  • Work shift assignments include frequent weekends and holidays.
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

Marginal Job Functions (Peripheral or incidental to primary job functions):

  • Prepares written records & reports and maintains hard copy files.
  • Operates the citywide emergency “Early Warning Siren System” for severe weather, disaster, or other public emergencies.
  • Operates Tele Typewriter  (TTY).
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Physical Requirements

General Qualifications

  • Ability to:
    • Operate two-way radio and multiple-line telephone equipment to send and receive emergency and non-emergency communications.
    • Discern voice and other auditory signals as necessary in receiving telephone and radio communications.
    • Perform functions efficiently and effectively while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism during stressful, high-volume work periods.
    • Communicate verbally in English using appropriate grammar and diction; knowledge of Arabic is helpful.
    • Deal with multiple demands simultaneously to prioritize and adjust priorities as needed.
    • Operate a microcomputer or terminal keyboard.
    • Discern a range of colors on a color computer monitor.
  • Operate Tele Typewriter (TTY) and other equipment as appropriate.

Experience and Training/Licensing Requirements

  • Parts and Weights of the Examination: Interview (100%)
  • Experience and Training Required: Graduation from an accredited high school or GED equivalent. Supplemental coursework or experience using computers and related applications is helpful. 9-1-1 dispatch experience is desired.
  • Post-Employment Offer Requirements:
    • Satisfactory completion of a background investigation, psychological examination, physical and drug screen before the start date.
    • All appointees are subject to a one-year probationary period.

How To Apply

Interested applicants can apply for the Dearborn Communications Dispatcher position on the City of Dearborn’s website. There’s no closing date, so apply and/or share with your networks.

Additional Information

If you have questions, direct all to the City of Dearborn by phone at 313-943-2007.

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