HB 4535 Will Exempt Active Police Officers From Obtaining Pistol Purchase Permits

HB 4535 will exempt active police officers from needing to obtain pistol purchase permits. This will allow an officer …

Train and Educate

Oakland Police Academy Fall Training Schedule

If you or someone you know is interested in additional training from the Oakland Police Academy on specific scenarios, …

POAM Asks Legislature To Add Language To Body Camera Bill [H.B. 4234] To Protect Officers

Within the last year, body-worn cameras have become standard-issue gear for many American police officers. The idea being that …


Jim Tignanelli Gives Another Chair to Needy Veteran

Jim Tignanelli, President of POAM, has started a new tradition in an effort to assist veterans. Each year, Jim …


Legal Video Resources

POAM is committed to providing the resources necessary to support the continuous education of police officers. In doing so, …


Critical Incident Protocol

In this edition of the Police Officers Association of Michigan’s podcast, Douglas Gutscher explains critical incident protocol in order &hellip…

Legal Advice and Opinion for POAM Members

Garrity Right: Procedure to Follow to Properly Assert The Right

POAM General Counsel Frank Guido has detailed the step-by-step procedure for members to assert their garrity right, re-emphasizing that "compulsion" m…

POAM Position on Automated Traffic Enforcement Devices

Read the attached document to see POAM’s stance on several bills coming through the legislature:

Kent County Court House Employees: Click Here for the Latest Information

POAM News Kent County Court House Employees: Click Here for the Latest Information

Recent Election Between TPOAM and UAW [Note - This UAW Contract also expires 12/31/20…

POAM Extended Legal Representation

Save $500 On Closing Costs from Capital Mortgage Funding

Capital Mortgage Funding, a Michigan based company has offered POAM a special opportunity to be apart of their Exclusive…

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