Vote Yes for Public Safety! Vote YES on Prop 1 August 5th!

POAM is encouraging you to vote 'Yes' on Proposal 1 this August to ensure public safety.


2014 POAM Annual Convention & Award Ceremony

Each year, Police Officers Association of Michigan gathers to present several awards to various deserving individuals during the Annual …

POAM Legislative Updates

Attorney General agrees and supports POAM position on PA 54

The Michigan Attorney General has decided to support POAM on the legislation PA 54.

Legal Advice and Opinion for POAM Members

Garrity Right: Procedure to Follow to Properly Assert The Right

POAM General Counsel Frank Guido has detailed the step-by-step procedure for members to assert their garrity right, re-emphasizing that "compulsion" m…

Train and Educate

Oakland Police Academy Training & Information Bulletin

The Oakland Police Academy has updated their Training and Information Bulletin for September 2013 through June 2014.

Important info on exemption for Police and Fire on PA54

Legislative Important info on exemption for Police and Fire on PA54

On June 10th, the full senate voted to pass an exemption under PA54 for police and fi…

2014 Walter Reed Benevolent Donation Drive

Every May, POAM travels to Washington D.C. to attend and participate in National Police Week to honor the officers who h…

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