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Oakland Police Academy Fall Training Schedule

If you or someone you know is interested in additional training from the Oakland Police Academy on specific scenarios, …

POAM Asks Legislature To Add Language To Body Camera Bill [H.B. 4234] To Protect Officers

Within the last year, body-worn cameras have become standard-issue gear for many American police officers. The idea being that …


Jim Tignanelli Gives Another Chair to Needy Veteran

Jim Tignanelli, President of POAM, has started a new tradition in an effort to assist veterans. Each year, Jim …


Legal Video Resources

POAM is committed to providing the resources necessary to support the continuous education of police officers. In doing so, …


Critical Incident Protocol

In this edition of the Police Officers Association of Michigan’s podcast, Douglas Gutscher explains critical incident protocol in order &hellip…


FOX2 TV “Let it Rip” features Jim Tignanelli of POAM

FOX2 Detroit invites Jim Tignanelli of POAM to a panel to discuss a recent carjacking arrest video and the suggested police brutality by the public.

Legal Advice and Opinion for POAM Members

Garrity Right: Procedure to Follow to Properly Assert The Right

POAM General Counsel Frank Guido has detailed the step-by-step procedure for members to assert their garrity right, re-emphasizing that "compulsion" m…

POAM Position on Automated Traffic Enforcement Devices

Read the attached document to see POAM’s stance on several bills coming through the legislature:


Governor visits POAM HQ

Governor Rick Snyder recently came to POAM Headquarters to personally thank Legislative Director Kenneth E. Grabowski for the organization’s en…


POAM Surprises New Jersey Marine with Action Track Chair

A New Jersey Marine who lost both his legs in Afghanistan earlier this year got a huge surprise from …

Urgent Memo to all 312 eligible members of immediate application of HB 5097

Legislative Urgent Memo to all 312 eligible members of immediate application of HB 5097

Below is an urgent memo written by POAM General Counsel Frank Guido in regards to HB5…

POAM Extended Legal Representation

Save $500 On Closing Costs from Capital Mortgage Funding

Capital Mortgage Funding, a Michigan based company has offered POAM a special opportunity to be apart of their Exclusive…

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