Tudor Dixon Wants Better for Michigan

The representatives of the Police Officers Association of Michigan first met with Tudor Dixon in early spring. It was obvious to each of us that she had courage, and strength and was a strong supporter of the “Rule of Law.” Her words, “Rule of Law.” She has a business background, plus she has a beautiful family and is a “mom” of four young girls. Of course, she supported the Constitution and the “Rule of Law.”

It seemed rather natural to want better surroundings for her family than those states and communities that had chosen to “defund the police.” The examples are all around us. New York, Chicago, Portland? There was no doubt that she understood and would seek to provide what was needed to recruit and retain quality law enforcement officers in Michigan. She asked what we needed and she understood our answers. You can’t just “throw money” at law enforcement. Real policing is local, not on the freeway. It’s your city, township, and county department.

Her Pledge To POAM

Tudor was very clear in her pledges to us:

She will respect and support our officers. She will fight for funding for training, equipment, and recruitment. She understands the issues with pay and benefits and she will have our back. Tudor’s support for police and working people makes her a compelling candidate.

Jim Tignanelli, POAM President

She is the POAM endorsement for MI Governor primary for the Republican party. 

Watch The Tudor Dixon Interview

About the Candidate

Tudor Dixon is a businesswoman, breast-cancer survivor, and working mom of four girls. Her early career began in Michigan’s steel industry throughout the 2000s, but after having her children and battling breast cancer, she became invested in the education system. With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, she became an activist for stopping the indoctrination of school children, empowering parents in education, and expanding school choice options. This led her to found Lumen News, which provided pro-America, pro-Constitution morning news programs to grade school students.

As Lumen News became more successful, a new conservative network approached Tudor to integrate Lumen’s programming into their own. Tudor accepted the offer, transitioning from being “in front of the camera” to traveling the country in that role, listening to the concerns of countless everyday citizens. After hearing and seeing the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns on everyday citizens, Tutor was inspired to run as a candidate for Michigan’s Governor.

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