Throughout the year, POAM is excited to honor Good Cops in-and-outside of our departments and surrounding counties. These 2021 Good Cop nominees are outstanding officers, given recognition by family, friends, and colleagues. Read about each Good Cop individually.

*DISCLAIMER: Good Cop is a separate nomination from our annual Police Officer of the Year recipients at our Annual Convention.

February Good Cop

Officer Andy Cannon

Grand Haven Public Safety‘s Community Development Enforcement Officer Andy Cannon is one of our Good Cops for the month of February. He was nominated by Jon, and here’s why:

Officer Andy is kind, patient, and befitting the uniform. He works tirelessly to not only keep up city codes and protect renters for landlord issues as a code compliance inspector but also is a positive force in working with landlords and homeowners on a low-conflict path of correction with mutual respect and grace.

As a first-time landlord in the City (not elsewhere) obtaining a renewal of CO for a rental property I acquired, Andy was not only patient but informative on other things I can prevent. He gives grace when there is good judgment, so I can guess he gives the same tough love when there is not.

He is welcome on my property any time, as are any Blue from Public Safety.

Thank you, Officer Andy, for showing up for your community like you do!

Patrolman Kevin Jewel

City of Frankfort Police Department‘s Patrolman Kevin Jewel is our last Good Cop nominee for February. Patrolman Kevin was nominated by Zoe:

I am nominating this officer because of his hard work and dedication to his department and his important role in our small community. He is kind and assertive in his line of work. He continuously shows respect to his elders and locals.

Thank you, Patrolman Kevin, for continuously showing up for your community.

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