CNN Interview Featuring Congresswoman Lee and Congressman Kildee

On January 29, 2021, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon held an interview with 13th District of California Congresswoman Barbara Lee and 5th Congressional District Representative Dan Kildee. See the interview below, starting at the 3:30 timestamp where Congressman Kildee shares the answer to a question.

Interview Quotes

This political/non-partisan report includes two quotes from Congressman Kildee, a long-time Michigan congressional representative, who POAM has visited regularly during trips to Washington, D.C. for legislative purposes. Below are two quotes Congressman Kildee stated in the interview video.

“Well, first of all, if the crowd had been black or Muslim, it would have been a disaster even greater than it was.  Because we know what the instinct would have been for people in law enforcement, that would have been to open fire.”

“Even in the moments where we’ve had violence over the summer, it was violence being perpetrated by the U.S. Military against peaceful protestors.”

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