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October 2, 2008

POAM Executive Board Meeting Minutes for October 2008


1. The October 2, 2008, Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President James Tignanelli.  The meeting was held at the POAM Office in Redford, MI.

Present: Tignanelli, Kuhn, Birdseye, Funke, Radovic, Spidell, Grabowski, DeVries, Pushee, Beerbower, Griffin, Loftis, Scherer, Zacks, Lewis, Allgeier, LaMontaine, and Hochstein.

Excused: Valentine and Atkinson

2. President’s Report

President James Tignanelli called the meeting to order and introduced Art Borella (Attorney at Law) handling Workman’s Compensation and Social Security Disability claims on behalf of POAM. (Services not provided by POAM/independent contractor).

· Workman’s Compensation claims generally can take up to one year to complete the process. When denied, immediately set up your workman’s comp hearing.

· Social Security Disability (Federal System) the standard for collection is that you are unable to perform any job that exists in any economy. Presently there is a 2 year backlog of claims.

· Heart and Lung Act: Special provision in the Act for police officers and fire fighters. Claims must be work related and occur during a stressful event. You first must file a sick and injury report with your employer/jurisdiction.


3. Vice President’s Report

No report.


4. Secretary’s Report

Motion by Jim DeVries, seconded by Pat Spidell to accept the minutes of the September 12, 2008 meeting. Carried unanimously.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Tom Scherer, seconded by Kevin Loftis to approve the Finance Committee meeting minutes of October 1, 2008. Carried unanimously.

6.  Old Business

No old business to discuss.

7. New Business

· POAM Executive Board flow chart updated with corrected/proper information.

· Wayne County SEIU Local 502 election is set for October 8, 2008 and ballots will be sent (recruitment).

· William Birdseye announced that Scott Atkinson is officially a full-time Business Agent.

8. Motion to Adjourn.

Motion to adjourn made by Wayne Beerbower, seconded by Gary Pushee. Next Executive Board meeting to be announced at a later date.

Respectfully submitted,




James Tignanelli                          Thomas K. Funke
President                                 Secretary


October 2, 2008
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