Why We Choose the Tune Inn

POAM President Jim Tignanelli went to visit the National Marine Corps Memorial in D.C., when it was still a temporary memorial. The 15 stripe and 15 star flag was flying proudly in the hot air as 6 POAM guys started walking home. It was a hot day and there were no cabs available, so as they made their way back to 8th street, they decided to grab a drink at the first bar they saw. At Pennsylvania Avenue they’d had enough walking and decided to turn left – leading them right to the Tune Inn.

Tune Inn Washington DC
Tune Inn. Sunday, May 14th, 2017

When we walked in, we were immediately welcome. It’s not a large place, it holds 90 people with one restroom, but the gal that runs the place was so welcoming!” said Jim.

Lisa, the owner of Tune Inn, served the guys happily. At the time they didn’t know it, but her husband had been a Police Officer of the Year for the entire United States in the years prior. So, when Jim asked if he could invite as many police officers as the bar could hold for an event, she said yes with a smile.

Tune Inn Washington DC
Tune Inn. Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Our Thanks to You

POAM holds this event every year because of the feelings we have for our members, and even for officers who aren’t members of POAM. It doesn’t matter where an officer is from, whether it’s Michigan or Oklahoma. The Tune Inn event is a place where you be with friends, bring their families and children, and enjoy their time. It’s a group of cops supporting each other, listening to stories and just talking to each other.

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Now, it’s gotten to the point where POAM’s guests fill the entire bar, spilling out into the street. The bagpipers come and play every year, while stories are shared and cold drinks are enjoyed.

What started with 6 guys walking home on a hot summer day has now turned into 300 police officers hardworking police officers simply getting the chance to be together in camaraderie.

2017 was a huge success and it’s time to make 2018 even bigger. We can’t wait to see you there. Thank you for being part of it.

police week tune inn