Clinton Township Police Officer Position Opening

The Charter Township of Clinton is seeking to hire a Clinton Township Police Officer. This position offers excellent working conditions, fringe benefits, and an opportunity for advancement. The selected candidate should have an understanding of the law, knowledge of civil rights, department rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

The candidate should be adaptable to change, progress, be loyal and faithful to the mission statement and ethical ideals of the department and have the ability to handle crisis situations as they arise. An individual who is able to research problems, utilize good verbal skills, make quick, effective, and rational decisions all while analyzing stressful situations. Properly document incidents in clear, concise, truthful, and understandable reports that will be reviewed by prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and other members of the criminal justice system.


At the time of submission of the application, all applicants shall have the following qualifications:

  1. United States Citizen.
  2. Attained the age of 18.
  3. Associates Degree or sixty-two (62) earned credit hours from a University or College accredited by the North Central Association of Universities and Colleges, or have been a certified Police Officer for a minimum of two (2) years prior to the date of application.
  4. Successful completion of a basic training police academy.
  5. Health and physical capacity to perform the essential functions of the position of Police Officer, as determined by an examining physician.
  6. Must successfully pass a psychological exam.
  7. Free of any abnormality of eyesight, and have not less than 20/40 vision in each eye without glasses, corrected to 20/30 vision with glasses, with adequate color and depth perception.
  8. Hold a valid Michigan driver’s or chauffeur’s license and have a good driving record.
  9. Must successfully pass a written and oral examination.
  10. Must successfully pass a drug screening test.


The salary for the Clinton Township Police Officer position ranges from $51,368 to $78,381 from the current collective bargaining agreement.

How To Apply

The Charter Township of Clinton, Act 78 Police & Fire Civil Service Commission will test for the position of Police Officer to create an Eligibility List for future employment opportunities, beginning Friday, July 9, 2021.

To apply and schedule a test for this position, go to the website and follow the instructions. There is a fee to take the examination, but the results of this one test will be accepted by all participating police departments in Michigan. You must apply and pass the test by Friday, September 3, 2021, as applications will also close that day.

Informational Video

Learn more about the Clinton Township Police Department and its efforts to protect their communities. Watch the video below.

For More Information

Any questions regarding employment opportunities can be directed to the Clinton Township Police Department’s Training Coordinator Tony Maisano by phone, 586-493-7866, or by email.

The Charter Township of Clinton is an equal opportunity employer. 

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