police officers

Sponsoring New Police Officers & Upcoming Legislation

Accompanied by POAM Executive Board Member and Monroe County Deputy Sherriff David LaMontaine, POAM President Jim Tignanelli traveled to …

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What the Fiscal Cliff Means for Officers and How to Prepare for Retirement

If you’ve turned on the news sometime in the past month, you’ve probably seen a story about what is …

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POAM General Counsel Discusses Importance of PA 152, PA 54 & PA 63 – March, 9 2012

In the latest POAM Podcast Radio Show, Police Officers Association of Michigan Director of Member Services Ed Jacques and POAM …

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Deputy Sheriff's Association of Michigan

POAM and Deputy Sheriff’s Association Work Together to Fight for Deputies’ Rights

One of the groups we at POAM work with most is the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan (DSAM). For …

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Detroit EMS President Joseph Barney

Is Privatizing Detroit EMS Really a Good Idea?

The City of Detroit has seen its fair share of financial woes, and Detroit Emergency Medical Services is not …

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Senate Room

Frank Guido Analyzes Impact of Recent Legislation

View Frank’s brief synopsis of POAM’s strategy by clicking on the video above. Listen to the complete podcast with …

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Jim Tignanelli and Kevin Loftis Discuss Independent Police Associations

This week the POAM Podcast Radio Show featured P.O.A.M.’s President Jim Tignanelli and Business Analyst Kevin Loftis, who discuss …

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Dave LaMontaine Discusses Political Involvement Issues

This week the P.O.A.M. Podcast Radio Show featured Dave LaMontaine who discussed political involvement issues related to Michigan police …

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Retiree Health Care with Doug Gutscher and Kevin Loftis

Doug and Kevin discuss retiree health care and the language covering retiree health care. Doug Gutscher POAM Assistant General …

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NYC Firefighter Tim Brown & Crime Scene Investigator Joe Blozis

Tim and Joe sat down to speak about 9/11, POAM and among other things, conspiracy theories. Tune in and …

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9/11 NYC Crime Scene Investigator Joe Blozis talks about Ground Zero

Chief 9/11 crime scene detective Joe Blozis spoke to POAM Members and Police Officer of the Year award winners …

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NYC 9/11 First Responder Firefighter Tim Brown Recalls that Morning

NYC Firefighter and 9/11 first responder Tim Brown spoke to POAM Members and Police Officer of the Year award …

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Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon Talks to POAM

Benny was kind enough to sit down with POAM’s Ed Jacques and discuss many different items and issues. Benny …

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Ken Samborski Talks About His Late Son Mason Samborski

Ken was kind enough to sit down with POAM’s Ed Jacques and discuss his son, Mason Samborski, the fallen …

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Detroit EMS

New Direction for Detroit EMS

John Barr, Joseph Barney & Ed Jacques Discuss the New Direction of Detroit EMS. John Barr & Joseph Barney …

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Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young at POAM Annual Convention 2010

The POAM Podcast Radio Show featured Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young who attended at the POAM Annual Convention 2010 …

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