POAM Discusses SB 679, the Bill that…

Ed Jacques, Kenneth Grabowski, and Bryan Earle discuss Senate Bill 679, its current state, and the i…

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Critical Incident Protocol

Critical Incident Protocol

In this edition of the Police Officers Association of Michigan’s podcast, Douglas Gutscher explain…

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POAM General Counsel Frank Guido

Frank Guido Discusses Proper Garrity…

P.O.A.M. General Counsel

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Jim Tiganelli

POAM President Jim Tignanelli Discus…

POAM President

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police officers

Sponsoring New Police Officers & Upcoming Legislation

Click to listen to the latest installment of the POAM Podcast! Accompanied by POAM Executive Board Member and Monroe County …

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POAMs Response to Budget Cuts

POAM’s Response to Police Budget Cuts, Detroit’s Murder Rate & Right-to-Work

Listen to the latest POAM podcast to learn about POAM’s positions on Detroit’s rising violent crime rates, statewide budget cuts, Right-to-Work and more!

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What the Fiscal Cliff Means for Officers & How to Prepare for Retirement

If you’ve turned on the news sometime in the past month, you’ve probably seen a story about what is …

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POAM General Counsel Discusses Importance of PA 152, PA 54 & PA 63 – March, 9 2012

Police Officers Association of Michigan General Counsel Frank Guido discusses POAM’s position on PA 54, PA 152 and PA 63 with POAM Director of Member Services Ed Jacques in the latest edition of the POAM Podcast Radio Show.

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Deputy Sheriff's Association of Michigan

POAM and Deputy Sheriff’s Association Work Together to Fight for Deputies’ Rights

POAM and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan have had a close affiliation for years helping fight for deputy sheriffs’ rights throughout Michigan. Listen to the latest podcast for more on how these two organizations work together.

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Detroit EMS President Joseph Barney

Is Privatizing Detroit EMS Really a Good Idea?

POAM Director of Member Services Ed Jacques sits down and discusses the possibility of privatizing Detroit EMS with Detroit EMS Union President Joseph Barney. It privatization really the best idea for Detroit?

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Senate Room

Frank Guido Analyzes Impact of Recent Legislation – September 27, 2011

View Frank’s brief synopsis of POAM’s strategy by clicking on the video above. Listen to the complete podcast with …

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Jim Tignanelli and Kevin Loftis Discuss Independent Police Associations

P.O.A.M. President & Business Analyst

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Dave LaMontaine Discusses Political Involvement Issues

P.O.A.M. Business Agent

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New Direction for Detroit EMS

P.O.A.M. Business Agent & Representative

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